Milling reclaimed wood

My project to build a shave horse and low bench started with this pile of reclaimed long leaf pine and oak.  01a137684f9a40a94257ca3998418b3866c33e2e40

Once we got it home, we spent some time with a rare earth magnet looking for any nails or such in the wood.


This nail was approximately 3″ long.  At the time I was very happy to have pulled it out in one piece.  Overall I found quite a few items that could have damaged my saw.


With the help of my son and his friend, we milled the oak down to 2 1/2″ square for future legs.


We also trimmed down the pine to length and removed any pieces that had cracked or rotted out in it’s previous life.


Over the last year, I’ve been primarily using an axe and knives for green wood work.  After an afternoon with power tools, I’m a bit conflicted.  The amount of work accomplished was what I hoped to accomplish in the time I had, yet most of the enjoyment I got out of the tasks came when I was simply using a chisel and pry bar to remove the nails.  I certainly wasn’t conflicted about the new layer of dust covering everything in the garage.  I definitely prefer the pile of wood shavings from my hand plane or spoke shave to the clean up from the power tools.

Next post; Math is a good thing, there will be no quiz.

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