Some of my work to date, looking back over the last year

Some of my work to date, looking back over the last year

I was reading through my posts and realized for a blog about green wood carving, there is a shocking lack of green wood carving.  I thought I’d address that with sort of a history.  I’ll attempt a chronological history, but there are no guarantees.

When I started on this path I knew I wanted to carve spoons, kuksas, and such, but had no real idea what I was doing.

Try to ignore the Mora Spoon knife and the second hand tools.  This may be the only picture of that oak monstrosity that was my first attempt at carving.  The wood came right out of the wood pile, and I can assure you it was dried for a few years.  I beat up my hands and my knife.  The good part was that I did some research on carving and learned it is much easier to carve in green wood.  Did I mention I have a tendency to jump in the deep end without knowing how to swim?

A neighbor needed to cut down some River birch as the local electric company was not happy with their growth.  My son and I were lucky enough to get first dibs on the extensive pile of freshly cut birch.  In hindsight, this event allowed me to actually start on this path.  I made a number of ridiculously large and barely useful spoons and kuksas from this batch of wood.

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My neighborhood is loaded with Maple trees.  It seems almost once a month there is fresh maple available if you follow the sound of chain saws.  As I’m just outside of Philadelphia, it is a fairly distinctive sound.  I got a nice batch of Maple in late September of ’16 and decided this year’s stocking stuffers would be spoons and such.

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My brother in law’s family has a farm in Maryland.  During a weekend visit we were able to get out to the farm and look for some carving wood.  We harvested wood that would result in a stronger tree and woods.  We were able to bring home some Black Walnut, Cherry, and a mystery wood.

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Hopefully that isn’t too boring or detailed.  I’ll post up soon regarding another batch of Maple I was able to acquire and what I’ve been able to do with it to date.  I’ve also been on a bit of a bowl kick, so I’ll cover that soon as well.

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